Legend says…

The history of this property goes back to colonial times, when it was built by the Spaniards. But the history of La Casona Real, of our family, starts a while later, with the Guarnizo family.

Legend says Monseñor Lorenzo Guarnizo had a dream one night in which a whirlwind attacked him and he defended himself with a roll of parchment. When he awoke, on his bedside table was the same parchment he had seen in his dream. He opened it slowly and found inside a picture of the Holy Infant of Prague, who became his patron and protector.

It was Monsignor Guarnizo himself who arrived in Cusco searching for a house, and he came across this one. He immediately felt a strong connection and purchased it. Only a while later did he notice that the Infant of Prague’s symbol was carved into the stone arch above one of the rooms.

Childhood scenes…

Soon, the rest of his family was living with him in the Casona. And it’s his grandson, Juan Alzamora, who now tells - in great detail and with a nostalgic glint in his eyes - the story of his childhood here to whomever asks him about it. This house was his home, his playground, the stage upon which his childhood took place. In these rooms once lived a series of characters that lit up filled his life with an abundance of colors and stories: an agricultural engineer that raised frogs, a Law student that burned all of his books one day, a Japanese photographer that came back every year to write books about Peru, and a good-hearted Ayacuchan family.

To welcome the whole world

When years later the Guarnizos sold the property to the Gamero family, Juan stayed here, and with him, the feeling of everything this house has lived through. The new owners had big dreams of welcoming to the Casona tourists that came from everywhere in the world and giving them an authentic and warm experience. In four months, the Casona had changed drastically: it was restored and ready to serve its new purpose.

Since then, this property has not stopped filling up with stories and emotions, with visitors that come from every corner of the world, with colors and flavours, and, above all, with the warmth of family. Each person you come across in the Casona Real has a clear mission: to welcome you and show you what Cusco is really about, to guide you in your experience and make sure that your visit is unforgettable.

From our family to yours,

your home in the heart of Peru.